Monday, November 7, 2011

You've got to want it

What happens when a MMA star finally loses his belt? What motivates a fighter after he has won and defended the belt, in more then one wieght divisions, and he has made a name for himself know by every mma fan. In Bj Penn's case not much. Bj Penn recently announced his retirement, and in this writes case there isnt much surprise. Bj Penn recently lost light wieght title to Frankie Edgar. In the rematch I noticed a change in Bj Penn. To put it simply he wasnt fighting as hard as he usually does. He then showed the same lack of spirit against Fitch and then Diaz. (The Hueghes fight was an exception that I wont get into.)
Take for exmaple the 2:30 mark of the second round against Diaz. Bj Penn was scooting around the cage right against the face with Diaz standing with his hands down infront of him. Penn wasnt doing much in that situation. He would throw the ocasional punch that diaz would return with a two or three punch combo but besides a weak clinch attempt that was it. Penn was in a bad spot, between diaz and the cage, but not that enough that he couldnt get out. Diaz was throwing the occasional punch but wasnt exactly pinning him down. Bj Penn is known for his boxing, which he showed in his good head movement in this fight, and yet the ability to get out from between the opponent and the ropes (or in this case the cage) is basic boxing foot work. Bj Penn didnt do much to get out of that situation. If Bj Penn truely wanted to win this fight he would not have allowed himself to be in that position for so long
Now I am in no way bashing BJ Penn, nor or am I saying he did bad in this fight. His head movement was good, the was parrying alot of Diaz punches, and all around his defence was good. There just wasnt any offence. Manly because Bj Penn didnt seem to really want this win. Im sure he trained hard for this fight, but in the end you really have to want to win. My Theory was backed up when after the judges unamimously declared Diaz the winner Bj Penn said he was thinking of leaving the UFC saying "I don't want to go home looking like this.". With a new baby and a more then succsessful career in the UFC, the idea isnt all that bad.

Bj Penn slipping one of Diaz's punches


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