Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Look Back (May 4, 2009)

Well, there's a lockout alright. NBA news is very very hard to come across unless it's bad news or strange news. What was a man like me to do? A man who loves the NBA so much, he helped create a blog where he can write about how much he loves the NBA. This is where the going gets tough, and the drinking gets heavy. However, it should not mean a lack of production, right? Despite a lockout, readers should expect to see columns by me every Tuesday and Thursday. So, as promised, here we are: an article that was written on May 4, 2009, a few days after the Bulls game 7 loss in the first round to the Boston Celtics. That first-round Celtics- Bulls series is perhaps my favorite series of all-time. I have games 1, 4, and 6 saved on my computer because those are the games the Bulls won in the series. Easily, it was two solid weeks of good basketball. Legendary. The article basically is me ranting for 500 words so; this is pre-WTH, and even pre-Teams That Matter, a sports blog that was scrapped by Russell and I after a few months. This is the Brandon that used lots of spaces and did not have many thoughts to share, but he shared them nonetheless. It also just so happens that his bold prediction came true (see the bold). So, here goes a younger Brandon with an undeniable love for his Chicago Bulls. Enjoy, and please ignore the Vinny Del Negro compliments. He's just awful. Same goes for John Salmons.

So it went seven games…

But as predicted by just about every analyst in America (outside of Illinois), the Bulls got ousted in the first round. They played an NBA postseason series record seven overtimes and produced arguably the greatest non-finals playoff series ever.

Just because they came out on the short end doesn’t make them losers. It is a well known fact that as a coming of age team in the NBA, you must first go head-to-head with the current top dog. Whether it’s a sweep or a battle, the younger team is always bound to grow. It can even be seen as recently as last year.

The formerly abysmal Atlanta Hawks were the laughing stock of the league for a good decade. They stumbled their way into the playoffs in 2008 as an 8th seed with a pitiful 37 win total and then…


They forced the eventual champion Celtics to seven games. (Sound familiar?)

Where are they now, you ask?

They won 45 games in 2009 and were crowned the 4th seed in the eastern conference and also got out of the first round. It just so happens that Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers were waiting for them, but that’s for another column.

So I think the Bulls are in for the same predicament next year. They’re younger than the hawks, better coached, and just have a better sense of pride. The Bulls played an NBA-postseason record seven overtimes with the Celtics. The Hawks got blown out anytime they stepped into Boston.

So don’t hold your heads down Bulls fans. When Lebron James first arrived in Cleveland, they had to go through the Pistons. The 90’s Bulls had the Celtics. The 70’s Knicks had the Celtics. The Spurs and the Lakers had each other at the turn of the millennium. It’s just something that has to happen. This is good news.

Without this, you turn into the Suns. The Suns got old quickly and now they’re paying the price. Read any good sports news in Phoenix lately? The Cardinals reached the Super Bowl before the Steve Nash era Suns reached the finals…Think about that.

It’s been a while since a Chicago team has brought a championship to the Windy City. The White Sox won in 2005 but why is it that no one remembers…

Bears are in a drought. They just got Jay Cutler.

Blackhawks were in a drought. Hear of Patrick Kane? (they won in 2010)

White Sox are still young but are getting things down.

Cubs are…No comment.

The Bulls will be the next team to bring home a major sports title to Chicago. Derrick Rose plays like a 5 year veteran but his sophomore season will get underway in October. Tyrus Thomas is starting to look like a 4th overall draft pick. Luol Deng is promising. Kirk Hinrich is a bench starter. Joakim Noah is finally developing. Vinny Del Negro is a better coach than anyone thought (especially Jerry Reinsdorf)

And now if Ben Gordon walks this summer via free agency, the new insurance policy is John Salmons!

Bulls fans, I think it’s time you hold your heads high. Give it 1-3 years and the Bulls will be contending for #1 overall seeds out east. The Boston loss is just a form of growth.

The worst kind but growth nonetheless.


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